Welcome to Vote-Climate.org, the gateway to our non-partisan effort to confront the climate crisis by requiring our elected representatives to take action.

  • Recent polls show that approximately 70% of Americans acknowledge the reality of global warming.
  • Taking action is urgent! We are currently seeing some effects from the present level of warming, and scientists tell us that we must keep the earth’s average temperature below 2 degrees Celsius to avoid catastrophic impacts.
  • Solutions to the climate crisis are available and cost effective.

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Our aim is to amplify the voice of constituents who are concerned about climate change as a crisis. Many voters are overwhelmed by the complexity and sheer vastness of this issue. This campaign is to assist voters in speaking up and empower them with key points to spotlight elected representatives’ leadership – or lack thereof – on climate change. This is to be initiated with “front porch” conversations. Currently 30% of elected legislators ignore the issue or deny that climate change is the result of human activity. This is an obligation of elected officials as leaders to confront the climate crisis. Our efforts are to spur the silent voters to let their representatives know that this is a critical part of protecting the citizenry. Vote-Climate is dedicated to constituents electing candidates working to mitigate climate instability and promoting action on active legislation and policy.



Vote-Climate.org is a challenge to the candidates to acknowledge the climate crisis as a survival issue; not a political issue. We are asking all our U.S. candidates from Minnesota to post their strategy to solve ‘the oncoming climate train wreck’. Vote-Climate.org will host the candidates’ position statements.
By pledging to prioritize our vote for candidates who are actively strategizing climate solutions we empower constituents. We can enable citizens to understand that there is a way out of this long projected disaster, but the window is closing and it is urgent. Our votes can be heard over the din of special interest money. This is a non-partisan effort and therefore, we’re reaching out to many groups. Listed below are some of the unique features of our campaign:

  1. ‘Front porch conversations’ – We reach out beyond the choir by going to them
  2. The focus is on their concerns regarding climate affecting their families & next generations
  3. ‘Talk the Talk’ – We put climate economics and solutions in ‘market economy’ terms
  4. Stress voter’s right to obligate elected officials to strategize climate solutions
  5. Encourage voters to have confidence that there are solutions and their vote is the power

On four Saturday mornings a swarm of volunteer canvassers will fan out in Congressional Districts 2 & 3 to get voters to see they have the power to defend our children from the fossil fuel industry.


We intend to use a five-pronged campaign:

  1. A non-partisan canvassing of US congressional districts asking constituents to only vote for representatives who are actively involved in climate change solutions. The front porch climate conversations will ask three questions centering on the effects residents personally will face, concluding with asking for the pledge. We will submit the pledges to the candidates and share them with the press.
  2. Promote and help motivate sending letters to the editor specifically from constituents in districts with climate deniers and avoiders. We will provide sample letters, talking points, as well as a list of publishing organizations. This is to be distributed via our allies and on our website.
  3. Media campaign to draw attention to the voices of constituents.
  4. Elected officals’ avoiding the climate crisis is, in effect, legislative neglect. We will contact all candidates to have them tell us how they are actively engaged in finding climate change solutions and post responses on our website, www.vote-climate.org.
  5. Website and social media, i.e., Facebook page