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Hello Fellow Environmental Activists:
We are reaching out to you and your organization to invite you to take part in what we believe will be a hopeful “take” on the global warming crisis that the world is now facing. The conference “Breathe Better with Climate Solutions” will feature keynote speaker  J.Drake Hamilton, from  the leading edge non-profit Fresh Energy, and local Emmy awarded film documentary “My Last Breath”, the story of Josh LaRue’s struggle with severe asthma. This conference is presented by Vote-Climate and Northland Sustainable Solutions in the newly remodeled Southwest High School.

It is estimated by Pew Reports that approximately 70% of the US population acknowledges that climate change is happening and is caused by human activity. This is a big step forward in recognizing the problem from only 5 years ago. However the understanding of the solutions to the crisis is far weaker–only 10% think that something can be done about it. That is a big problem!  When people acquiesce to this doomsday scenario the result is apathy to change the system and disregard of the technological and policy opportunities at hand.

We are excited to offer this conference focused on the intersection of climate change and our health; we hope to draw our attendees attention to a fundamental concern, our health… and to offer some hope with the advances of renewable energy and growing human concern for the planet.