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We are a citizen action group committed to requiring local candidates to take action on the climate crisis.  As climate crisis activists, we recognize the need to move the climate discussion out to the community. This is a non-partisan grassroots effort to reach beyond the ‘choir’. The current political division has made this into an ‘issue’; in fact, it is a worldwide crisis and the victims are our children and all living organisms. We see this as ordinary people like ourselves using our vote to override the fossil fuel industries’ 1/2 billion dollar political lasso that effectively prevents elected officials from doing their job. To volunteer, send email to

Steve Lelchuk is a retired University of Minnesota staffer and former AFSCME member who worked on the Obama reelection effort in 2012 as well as the marriage amendment and voter ID campaigns. He has now bent his efforts towards addressing the climate crisis. Contact him at
Michael Neaton is semi-retired from residential/commercial design and remodeling. He presently provides design and project coordination services through EnterSpace. He has been a concerned citizen and activist since the protests of the Vietnam War era. Politics is his sport of choice! Live local, think global. Contact him at
Pat Renner is a retired social worker who has worked for many years on social justice issues. Pat worked as a political activist volunteering on Democratic campaigns for many years and also attended the Wellstone Political Action Training. Her passion now is working on promoting solutions to the world’s Climate Chaos challenges. She attended the People’s Climate March in New York and has been active in Citizens Climate Lobby corresponding with and visiting her federal and state legislators about Climate Change issues. Contact her at PRenner new
Jean Ross is a social and political activist. She’s a visual artist who has given up her craft to save the planet. Contact her at

Our future depends on it.