Despite the doom and gloom..there ARE Solutions!

In fact, there are a number of solutions which in one combination or another could solve our climate crisis. As far back as 2010, a Skeptical Science article dispelling the myth that “it’s too hard” lists 15! Here are a few that we like.

Our favorite! All Renewables ASAP!
How about the Clean Power Plan? Let’s keep it!
What about fracked natural gas as a “bridge” to a renewable energy future? At best, let’s hurry across that bridge.
Coming soon? Solar roads and roofs!
Electric vehicles (EV)
Sustainable agriculture
Using proper techniques, we can actually pull carbon out of the atmosphere (carbon sequestration) (link is a YouTube video)
Eating less red meat, even a little, can help.
Increased Efficiency
Carbon pricing

Further Reading

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Our future depends on it.